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Family law is a delicate matter which needs to be handled carefully and in a dignified manner. Contact the family law specialists from Lone & Co Solicitors to help you settle family disputes in a professional and amicable manner to minimise the disruption to all parties involved and, in particular, any children. We are based in Solihull.

Divorce and Property Matters

As a divorce is known to be an extremely stressful time for all, we aim to approach this in an understanding manner and always attempt to resolve matters by negotiation rather than the time and expense of court proceedings which can add to people’s anxiety. Whilst we always endeavour to obtain the best possible outcome for our client this is not always as a result of court proceedings and often leads to more acrimony between the parties. Our aim is to make matters run as smoothly as possible and to minimise the disruption to clients and their children who are often caught up in these adult disputes. We also offer a fixed fee divorce service for non-contested divorces with no property issues for £500.00 plus disbursements (and VAT when applicable).

Children’s Matters

Advice and representation is given on all children’s matters including Contact & Residence. We also advise on other applications relating children such as settling schooling issues or whether a child can accompany a parent on holiday abroad. Our focus is on settling matters by negotiating with the other party to try and keep the matter out of court and the disruption to a minimum. We also deal with Grandparents’ rights in respect of their contact with their grandchildren and can advise on the best way forward to maintain or gain contact with grandchildren.

Co-habitation Disputes

As more and more people choose to co-habit rather than marry, it is increasingly important that co-habitees are aware of their rights in respect of property and financial settlements. We can advise on co-habitees’ rights in relation to these matters if as co-habitees, their relationship has broken down.

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